Vet advice for Rabbit owners

Image Fireworks: Keeping Your Pets Calm and Happy

Fireworks: Keeping Your Pets Calm and Happy

Fireworks are an integral part of many celebrations, including Bonfire Night, Diwali and New Year’s Eve. While they can be fun for us, many pets have a different view. Fireworks often cause stress, ...

Image Rabbits – A rough guide to owning a Rabbit

Rabbits – A rough guide to owning a Rabbit

Rabbits are highly intelligent, social, sensitive and inquisitive animals. They are the third most popular pet after cats and dogs but are the most neglected with latest figures showing that 80% do no...

Image Rabbits – Vaccinations

Rabbits – Vaccinations

Your rabbits need protecting against two common diseases. Myxomatosis is caused by a virus spread by blood sucking insects such as mosquitoes and the rabbit flea, which can affect both outdoor and hou...

Image Rabbits – Neutering

Rabbits – Neutering

There are many health and social advantages in neutering your pet, and we are happy to discuss this routine procedure with you and answer any queries you may have. Like cats and dogs, we recommend rou...

Image Rabbits – Diet

Rabbits – Diet

Rabbits require a diet that is extremely high in fibre and should be at least 85-90% good quality hay and/or grass. They should have constant access to fresh water. Traditional muesli mixes are very ...

Image Flystrike


Flystrike is a common condition in rabbits, especially in the warmer weather. If not treated early, flystrike can sadly be fatal. Rabbits more at risk include those who are: overweight, live in dirty ...


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