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Join us for Antibiotic Amnesty – Let’s safely dispose of unused or out-of-date antibiotics!

This November, St Kitts Vets are joining together with the British Veterinary Association (BVA) for their Antibiotic Amnesty campaign. We are pleased to be accepting out-of-date and unused antibiotics that were previously prescribed for your pets, so they can be disposed of safely.

Following the success of the inaugural campaign in 2022, the collaboration is returning for its second year to prevent the chance of out-of-date veterinary antibiotics being used, or causing harm if they are disposed of incorrectly. 

Many people throw away unused veterinary antibiotics in household waste, or down sinks and toilets, without realising that this can have a negative impact on water quality, aquatic life and wildlife. Leaving leftover or expired veterinary antibiotics lying around also increases the chance of them being used or consumed.

The issue of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) has grown in recent years, with antibiotic residues being detected in rivers around the world. Use of leftover or expired medication can also increase the risk of AMR if used for the wrong indication and potentially delay a diagnosis.

What can you do to help?

  • If you have any unused or out-of-date antibiotics (including tables, capsules or liquids) at home that were previously prescribed for your pet, please bring them with you to your next appointment at one of our practices.
  • Veterinary antibiotics can be handed over to our team, who will be able to ensure they are safely disposed of. Please note we can only dispose of medicines prescribed for your pet.
  • Join us and the veterinary industry in the campaign on social media using the hashtag #AntibioticAmnesty.

If you have any questions about Antibiotic Amnesty, please contact your local St Kitts practice directly:

St Kitts Veterinary Centre: 01252 844044
Basingstoke Veterinary Centre: 01256 844944
Crookham Park Veterinary Centre: 01252 913990
Firgrove Veterinary Centre: 01252 877799


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