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Pre-Op Instructions

If your pet is booked to have a general anaesthetic or operation:

  • Please bring them to the surgery at your appointed time. “See in” appointments are booked between 8.00am and 9.00am on the day of the operation.
  • Do not give your dog or cat anything to eat after midnight the night before.
  • Water can be left down overnight.
  • Food should not be withheld from rabbits, rodents or birds.
  • Keep cats indoors overnight so that they do not eat elsewhere.

It is helpful if dogs are taken for a short walk before coming to the surgery for their comfort.
You will be asked to sign a consent form for the procedure. A vet or a nurse will go through this form with you, please ask for a detailed estimate if you require one.
We will ask you to ring later in the day to see how your pet is and to book a discharge appointment.
Your pet will be admitted by one of our nurses or vets and will receive a thorough pre op check and a cuddle to settle them in. The operation will be carried out during the day.
Your pet will be discharged by one of our veterinary surgeons or nurses, usually in the late afternoon or early evening of the same day, unless we have specified differently.
Please see our Post Op instructions for your pet’s after care.


Payment will be expected in full at the time of collection.

Insurance claims

If you have not done so we will require a copy of your insurance schedule to keep with your pet’s records.
Once we have the Insurance schedule and can confirm your pet is covered, we are happy to do a direct claim.  Please bring your signed claim form with you at the time of collection. You will be expected to pay any excess at this time.


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