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Post-Op Instructions

General (Dog/Cat)

When your pet has had an anaesthetic, they may be drowsy for the following 48 hours. The anaesthetic will be injected into a vein in his/her front leg and a small area of fur may have been clipped. There may be a bandage on a front leg where the catheter was placed–please remove this within a few hours of getting home. Please offer your pet a bland meal of Hills I/D or chicken and rice if he/she prefers. It is not unusual for occasional vomiting to occur following an anaesthetic. However, if vomiting is frequent or continues for longer than 12 hours, please contact us for advice.

If your pet has a wound:

It is advisable to keep cats indoors until sutures are removed and to restrict dogs to short walks on the lead. Please try to keep your pet as quiet as possible during this post-operative recovery period. If you notice any swelling or redness around your pet’s wound, please contact us for advice. If your pet licks the wound excessively, it may be necessary to purchase a medical pet shirt or elizabethan (“buster”) collar to prevent early removal of the sutures and the need for re-suturing. Please contact the surgery if you feel you need a medical pet shirt, collar or have any other concerns.
Our nurses and vets will have given you instructions on when we would like to see your pet again, this is usually 3 days after the operation and then again 7 days later for sutures out.

Additional costs

After most routine operations, patients recover uneventfully and there will usually be no further charge after the initial payment. We do not charge for post-operative check-ups and suture removal. However, sometimes the animal’s natural instinct to clean its own wound and occasionally take its own sutures out may cause an infection. Further treatment may then become necessary and will not be covered in the original costs.


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