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A lost pet is very upsetting, but unfortunately this can happen no matter how careful we are. This simple, reliable and permanent means of identification can happily reunite a lost pet and their owner.

What is the procedure?

A tiny chip is injected under your cat or dog’s skin holding an I.D. code unique to your pet. Stored along with your contact details on a central database, this information is accessible 24 hours a day. Rescue centres, dog wardens and veterinary practices hold special scanners, which read the code to identify the lost animal.

Why is microchipping important?

Microchipping plays a significant part in your care for your pet and helps to ensure that you are happily reunited if they ever go missing.

It’s also the law that all dogs (8 weeks and over) must be microchipped and the current owners’ details registered. The government recently announced that microchipping is set to become a legal requirement for cats too.

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