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Flystrike is a common condition in rabbits, especially in the warmer weather. If not treated early, flystrike can sadly be fatal. Rabbits more at risk include those who are: overweight, live in dirty conditions, confined to small living areas and elderly rabbits with mobility issues. Flies are attracted to the warm, moist and dirty areas of rabbits to lay eggs, which results in hatching maggots literally eating the rabbit’s skin and underlying tissue.

When to call the vet

Please contact us straight away if you notice any of the following:

  • If you notice any maggots on your rabbit
  • If your rabbit has not eaten or passed faeces
  • If your rabbit has any injuries or broken bones
  • If your rabbit has any scabs on their eyes and/or nose and swollen genitals
  • If your rabbit is breathing through it’s mouth – this is a sign of severe respiratory distress
  • If your rabbit is tilting it’s head to the side
  • If your rabbit is sitting in a hunched position

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