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Dogs – Neutering

There are many health and social advantages in neutering your pet, and we are happy to discuss this routine procedure with you and answer any queries you may have.


Males can be neutered, also known as ‘castrated’, from 6 months of age. This is equally as important as spaying females, as it prevents testicular cancer. Neutering will also lower the levels of testosterone and help to prevent undesirable sexual behaviours. It will stop him from pestering females and possibly causing more unwanted litters! Neutering can also help to reduce urine marking and some forms of aggression which are influenced by the male hormones.


Females can be spayed from 6 months of age. Neutering is important as it prevents uterine disease, reduces the risk of mammary cancer and prevents unwanted litters. It is a common concern that bitches need to have a litter of puppies or a season before they are spayed. However, neither of these provide any health benefits at all and will only add to the problem of rescue centres being overrun with unwanted puppies.

Please see our pre-operative and post-operative instructions for more information on what to expect when your pet comes in for neutering.


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