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Teddy’s Intussusception

Teddy Cameron is a handsome one and a half year old short-haired cat. He was presented to our Basingstoke branch after spending the whole night vomiting.Teddy was stabilised at the emergency clinic over night and came in to us for a check-up in the morning. He was brighter but the vet could feel something was not right with his intestines. Poor Teddy was sore when touched on one specific area and he was still feeling sick.

X-rays showed that there was a blockage in Teddy’s intestines and it required emergency surgery. During the surgery, we discovered that Teddy had an unusual condition called an “intussusception” of his small intestine. This means that the intestine slid into itself, became trapped, started to swell and caused a blockage.

This is a life-threatening situation if left for too long. Sadly, the intestine was too stuck and damaged to save it, so the vet team needed to surgically cut it away and stitch the two remaining ends together.

This procedure has some possible complications associated with it but it was Teddy’s only chance. The next few days were critical for Teddy but thanks to our dedicated nursing team and Teddy being the ultimate trooper, he pulled through. We are pleased to say his wounds have now healed up, and he is back to his normal self playing with his friend Tusk.


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