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Rabbits – Vaccinations

Your rabbits need protecting against two common diseases.

Myxomatosis is caused by a virus spread by blood sucking insects such as mosquitoes and the rabbit flea, which can affect both outdoor and house rabbits. Sadly, this can be fatal, so it is essential to provide all year round protection, as the virus can remain alive in the blood of hibernating fleas over the winter.

Viral haemorraghic disease.

VHD is spread via direct contact with infected rabbits and on our clothing, shoes and objects. This disease can be rapidly fatal in those pets that are not vaccinated. A rabbit will often show no signs of VHD

Two vaccinations are required and can be started from 5 weeks old. Our combination vaccination is given yearly and will help prevent your rabbits from contracting myxomatosis and VHD. The second vaccination is required for another variant strain of VHD called VHD2, annually or 6 months if considered to be in a high-risk area. The vaccines need to be administered at least 2 weeks apart.


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