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Alabama rot

What is Alabama rot?

Alabama rot, also known as CRGV (Cutaneous and Renal Glomerular Vasculopathy) is a life threating disease that affects dogs. The disease results in blood clots which can block and damage blood vessels. This causes damage to the skin resulting in visible ulcerations and it can also affect the kidney’s blood vessels, leading to organ dysfunction and kidney failure. The cause of Alabama rot is unknown. We know it has been reported more in Winter and Spring months, normally when dogs are walked in wet muddy woodland.


 What are the symptoms of Alabama rot?

Common areas affected are paws, lower legs, lower body, face, mouth and tongue.

  • Skin lesions – Signs include red patches, swelling, ulcers, loss of hair, licking of the affected area.
  • Kidney failure – Signs include lack of appetite, vomiting, tiredness and drinking more.



What to do if you suspect your pet has Alabama rot?

It is very important that you contact your vet immediately. If your dog is affected, getting an early examination and treatment plan is essential. Unfortunately, the disease can be fatal and sadly the cause is still unknown, so no cure exists.


Can you help prevent it?

Unfortunately, the cause of the disease is unknown, so there is no guarantee or proven method for avoiding it.

We do know some dogs affected walk in wet muddy woodland, so we suggest:

  • Keeping your dog away from very muddy areas.
  • Washing your dog after a muddy or wet walk.
  • Checking their body once a day for any signs listed above.
  • Avoiding areas that have had previous cases.




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