Sam P

‘Anyone I have ever seen here has been amazing’

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Dylan E

‘Excellent Service’

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Gerald H

‘They are very good highly recommend’

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Joanne M

‘We are on holiday in the area and my dog needed to see a vet, the receptionist was very nice and friendly on the phone when I explained our situation and got us in later that day, the vet who saw our dog was very knowledgeable and friendly and was great at explaining her findings, I didn’t feel rushed like in some vets I’ve been to. Thank you so much for seeing my dog today, I can now continue with my holiday knowing I have treatment for my princess.’

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Joanne S

‘Tadanori Hashimoto is extremely knowledgeable, attentive and had a calm and kind manner. Myself and Orlaith, happy and reassured.’

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Simon E

‘Had an emergency last night, the cat was fitting and bleeding from the mouth, saw us straight away no issues. Cat is fine with no lasting worries. Staff are great and friendly, glad we found them when we moved to Basingstoke…’

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Debby G

‘Very happy with the service at this vets. Nice people and very caring. Also good measures in place for safety against covid’

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Daisy R

‘They are always so friendly as well as professional. They welcome my never-ending questions about my new kitten biscuit and take care about him amazingly! I am so grateful. Thank you.’

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Russell F

‘Good stuff’

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Peter T

‘Excellent. The advice and service given have been great. My 12 year-old crossbreed had been hobbling for a while, diagnosed with arthritis by previous vets. Firgrove’s advice and treatment have given him a new lease of life. Thank you..’

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