Our Premier Pet Care Plan


The easy way to keep your pet at their best.

The pet care plan is designed to help spread the cost of your pets treatment with low monthly payments through out the year.

Vaccinations, regular health checks, flea and worming are all planned throughout the year so you don’t need to worry.

Members of the pet care plan also enjoy the added benefits of 10% off Neutering , Dental work, In-house lab work, Food, Seresto collars and Feliway/Adaptil.


So what is included ?

Cat and Dog Plan :

  • Health check and annual Vaccination
  • Six Month Health check
  • A Year’s supply of Flea Control
  • A Year’s supply of Worm control
  •  Weight check and consultation with one of our nurses
  •  Claw clip with a nurse,

St Kitts Hampshire Vets - Veterinary Nurse treating a cat


Rabbit Plan: 

  • Health check and annual vaccination
  • Six month health check
  • Seasonal flystrike treatment


Standard price plans are as follows :

Plan Price
Standard Plan
Standard Plan Savings Price
Plus Plan
Plus Plan Savings
Rabbit £ 8 per month Saving you £30.75N/A N/A
Cat£ 11.50 per month Saving you £82.18£15 per monthSaving you £102.12
Small Dog £13 per month Saving you £75.82£17 per month Saving you £131.64
Medium dog £14.50 per month Saving you £87.58£19 per month Saving you £142.92
Large Dog£16.50 per monthSaving you £113.60£24 per monthSaving you £205.96
Extra Large dog£23.50 per monthSaving you £178.14£36 per monthSaving you £200.56


Forms are available at reception if you wish to sign up

If you have an queries, please ask a member of the team,who will be happy to provide you with any further information.