Pet Health Plans

The Easy Way To Keep Your Pet At Their Best

St Kitts Pet Care plan has been designed to help you save money and spread the cost of your pet’s preventative treatments with simple low monthly payments. Vaccinations, regular health checks, flea and worming are planned throughout the year, so you don’t have to worry.

What Does Pet Health Plan Include?

  • Health check and annual vaccination
  • Six-month health check
  • A year’s supply of flea control
  • A year’s supply of worm control
  • A weight/diet consult with the nurse
  • A nail clip
  • A FREE microchip (if required)

Members of the pet care plan also enjoy the added benefits of 10% off:

  • Neutering
  • Dental work
  • In-house lab work
  • Food
  • Seresto collars
  • Feliway/Adaptil

The plus plan gives you freedom to choose your flea and worming product to meet your pet’s lifestyle or needs.


Our Pet Care Plan is not intended to be Pet Insurance. You should consider taking out a Pet Insurance Policy to cover the cost of treatment for illness and accidents.

 Standard Plan
(Per Month)
Plus Plan
(Per Month)
Minimum Savings
(Per Year)
Small Dog£12.00£16.00£122.08
Medium Dog£14.00£18.00£131.26
Large Dog£16.00£23.00£186.98
Extra Large Dog£23.00£36.00£161.00

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