Pet Of The Summer

Pet Of The Summer

Pet Of The Summer!!
Our star of the summer award goes to Benji.
Poor Benji has had a really rough time this summer. He had an operation to repair his cruciate ligament in March,by July he had healed enough to get back to off the lead walks. Then Benji came in with an unexplained wound on his leg. The wound had begun to breakdown so the vets operated in hope of saving the remaining tissue. After further investigation it was discovered Benji … Read More »

September is Senior Pet Month!

September is Senior Pet Month!

September is our Senior Month!
If you have a pet over 8 years old you can get the following:
Have a senior pet consultation with the vet and enjoy
*1/2 price bloods
*Free Blood Pressure check
We can tell a lot about your pet’s health from their urine!
Drop us in a sample and we will test it for free and let you know if we find anything unusual
*A free urine sample
*10% off equipment to collect urine sample if needed
*10% off any Arthritis Supplements and senior … Read More »

May is our Neutering Month!

May is our Neutering Month!
We are offering 10% off Neutering ( Pet Health Club members already receive this).
50 % off Prep Profiles. These are blood tests that we recommend  before any general anaesthetics.
Benefits of neutering

Neutering  benefits not only dogs and cats but also  other animals such as rabbits and ferrets.
Neutering prevents females coming into season, they may attract unwanted male attention, become pregnant or have false pregnancies.
Neutering prevents the risk of uterus infections and cancers and health issues related to hormonal problems.
In male dogs and cats, neutering can reduce … Read More »

April is National Pet Month

April is National Pet Month!!
So to celebrate you St Kitts Veterinary group is offering
– 20% off food and toys.
– Free health checks with a Nurse and then a subsequent 10% off a Vet Consult if problems are detected.
So don’t miss out – book today!
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Spring is Coming! Are you ready ?

Spring is coming!
Here are some helpful things to watch out for and avoid.
* Adder Bites .
* Fleas and ticks – pop in and get your flea control now.
*Plants such as Bluebells, Daffodils, Ivy and Lilies are all poisonous to pets .…
*Pesticides – lawn and plant products/treatments can be poisonous.
* Allergies – seasonal plants and pollen can cause irritation so speak to your vet for treatment options.
*House hold cleaning chemicals- it is spring clean time so make sure your pet can’t … Read More »

We are now RCVS Accredited

St Kitts, Basingstoke and Firgrove veterinary centre’s are proud to announce we are now RCVS accredited.
What does that mean ?
RCVS accreditation means that the practice has undergone a rigorous inspection by the RCVS College. The RCVS scheme set high standards and carry out regular assessments, the Scheme aims to promote and maintain the highest standards of veterinary care.
It offers peace of mind to clients of accredited practices and ensures you are getting the best level of care.

To become accredited … Read More »