Vet advice for Cat owners

Image Kittens – a rough guide to owning a kitten

Kittens – a rough guide to owning a kitten

This information has been designed to give you a rough guide of what’s required when owning a kitten. Cats can be independent creatures and make great pets for busy people, but they still need to be...

Image Cat Vaccinations

Cat Vaccinations

Your kitten’s primary vaccination course, followed by a yearly booster will help to protect against: Cat flu (feline upper respiratory tract disease) Feline leukemia virus Enteritis (a severe viral ...

Image Cats – Neutering

Cats – Neutering

There are many health and social advantages in neutering your pet, and we are happy to discuss this routine procedure with you and answer any queries you may have. Castrating a male cat will prevent h...

Image Cats -Parasite Control

Cats -Parasite Control

Fleas Fleas can cause skin disease, bite humans and also carry tapeworms. Look out for black specks along your pet’s spine, or when you comb her or him, wipe the comb on a damp tissue – if the di...


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