Spring is Coming! Are you ready ?

Spring is coming!
Here are some helpful things to watch out for and avoid.
* Adder Bites .
* Fleas and ticks – pop in and get your flea control now.
*Plants such as Bluebells, Daffodils, Ivy and Lilies are all poisonous to pets .…
*Pesticides – lawn and plant products/treatments can be poisonous.
* Allergies – seasonal plants and pollen can cause irritation so speak to your vet for treatment options.
*House hold cleaning chemicals- it is spring clean time so make sure your pet can’t Read More »

We are now RCVS Accredited

St Kitts, Basingstoke and Firgrove veterinary centre’s are proud to announce we are now RCVS accredited.
What does that mean ?
RCVS accreditation means that the practice has undergone a rigorous inspection by the RCVS College. The RCVS scheme set high standards and carry out regular assessments, the Scheme aims to promote and maintain the highest standards of veterinary care.
It offers peace of mind to clients of accredited practices and ensures you are getting the best level of care.

To become accredited Read More »

Pet of the Month – Bella

Meet the gorgeous Bella! She is a 3 year old Cavapoo who got brought into our Basingstoke branch after a serious dog attack.
At the end of January Bella was out for her usual walk when another dog, who was off the lead attacked her. She suffered extensive wounds and bruising to her abdomen.
Bella was admitted for surgery to assess ,clean and stitch the wounds. Unfortunately one of the wounds broke Read More »