Tick Awareness

Tick Awareness

The wetter and warmer weather has brought an increase to the number of ticks seen in veterinary practice. Normally ticks are seen between spring to early summer and again in autumn. The warmer winters recently has seen an increase in the number of ticks seen all year round. A recent study picked up 300 ticks in a 1 meter square area!

I am sure you have seen these pests before on your animal. Most people see them as a mere pest and parasite. However, they do carry Lyme disease which is transmissible to people, amongst other harmful diseases. Click here for stories from people who are suffering with this disease.

Tick bites can also lead to irritation and abscesses.

It is strongly recommended that 4-weekly spot on treatment or Seresto collars are used routinely to prevent the spread of this disease and aid in tick number control.

Please book a flea and worm check with your vet to discuss this further and we can arrange a treatment plan to suit you and your pets needs


4 thoughts on “Tick Awareness

  1. I just moved to St. Kitts with my dog to attend Ross. My dog has been on monthly Frontline Plus and just hit the 3 week mark. However, the place that I moved into appears to have a tick infestation. There are ticks in my bed, on my couch, and I find them crawling on the floor in my bedroom and kitchen. I have seen a few on my dog in passing and took them off. I did a more thorough search and have thus far pulled 8 or so off her. Some are so tiny, they are not full grown. I mostly pulled off ticks from her feet, but one was in her arm pit and was slightly red. I am worried about her now. How soon can I do a blood test to see if she has contracted anything? Also, can you give me any advice on what I can do to clear my house? Please, help I am terrified in my own apartment and cannot sleep. What can I do?

    • Hi Meagan, I’m sorry to hear you’re having such an awful time. The main diseases we worry about when dealing with ticks are Lymes Disease, Babesiosis and Erlichiosis, there are blood tests for all these, however if your dog is well in himself, i wouldn’t rush in to this, but this service is available should you want it.
      With regards to the house, we recommend a spray called Indorex. If they are definitely ticks (or fleas) then this will work. The idea is that you spray it all around the house, so carpets, rugs, even wooden floors, under furniture, mattresses, pet beds etc etc, and once down it works for up to 12 months. If you require any further information, please contact the Surgery.

      • Hi, I’m Vic and we have an infestation. Where can you obtain Indorex spray and is it available on Nevis? Thank you for your help.

        • Hi Victoria.
          We do sell Indorex so you can buy it at any of our surgeries. We also sell R.I.P flea spray.
          I hope that helps.
          Kind regards
          Laura England

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