Image Laboratory


Our on site facility is equipped for performing a wide range of haematology, biochemistry and urine tests, with microscopes and refractometers to provide accurate and rapid results. The quicker we diagnose the problem the sooner treatment can begin, and in emergency cases immediate results are vital.

Image Diagnostic Imaging

Diagnostic Imaging

We have advanced digital radiographic equipment at each branch. These produce a much higher quality picture than the old film x-rays. It also means we have instant access to your pets results and can diagnose and treat any problems quickly.

We can also provide dental x-rays which helps diagnose underlying problems hidden below the gum line. Dental x-rays allow us to offer a higher standard of oral care for our patients.

Each practice is equipped with veterinary ultrasound, which is essential for diagnosing pregnancy, heart scans and investigation of serious internal disease. Ultrasound is a very non-invasive diagnostic procedure and can give us instant results. Ultrasounds allow us to look at specific organs and areas of the body and supplies us with lots of useful information. Ultrasounds can be done on a conscious animal, although sometimes a mild sedation may be needed for the more anxious patients.