Veterinary surgery & treatment

Veterinary surgery & treatment

The Veterinary Surgeons at St Kitts, Firgrove and Basingstoke Veterinary Centres provide a full range of Soft Tissue Surgeries from Spays, Castrations and Dental Procedures to more advanced procedures such as Orthopaedic Surgery. Our Vets are trained in state-of-the-art surgical techniques, should your pet require a surgical procedure.

During the surgery our Nurses are trained to monitor your pet’s heart rate, anaesthetic and vital signs to continually assess how well your pet is responding to treatment during the operation, under the supervision of the Veterinary Surgeon.

Our Vets perform surgical procedures using the latest advances in Anaesthesia providing increased comfort for your pet’s post-operative recuperation including comprehensive pain management and lots of TLC from our Nursing staff.

All pets will require General Anaesthesia for Veterinary surgical treatment. These procedures generally are on a day-release basis. They are admitted by a Vet or Nurse in the morning and the treatment is carried out during the day. Your pet is discharged by one of our Veterinary Surgeons or Nurses in the late afternoon or evening.

Please see our Pre Op and Post Op pages for further information.