Rabbits – Vaccinations

Rabbits – Vaccinations

Rabbits require vaccinations against two common diseases: Myxomatosis and Viral Haemorrhagic Disease (VHD,VHD2)

Myxomatosis is caused by a virus that is spread by blood sucking insects such as mosquitoes and the rabbit flea and can affect all rabbits, including house rabbits. As the virus can remain alive in the blood of hibernating fleas over the winter, it is essential to keep your rabbits protected all year round by having them vaccinated.

Viral Haemorraghic Disease (VHD) can be rapidly fatal in un-vaccinated rabbits and is often symptomless. It is spread via direct contact with infected rabbits and also on people’s clothing, shoes and objects.

The new strain of VHD known as VHD2. It can be less easy to recognise as there is no visible bleeding and so rabbits can simply be found dead or ill.

We use a vaccination that combines Myxomatosis and VHD. It is important to have this done every year to prevent your rabbit from contracting these potentially fatal diseases. Another Vaccination is needed for VHD2 . This is administered annually or 6 monthly (if considered to be a high risk patient or area).

There needs to be at least a 2 week gap between the different vaccinations . We can start vaccinating your rabbit from 5 weeks of age.



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