Rabbits – Diet

Rabbits – Diet

Rabbits require a diet that is extremely high in fibre and should be at least 85-90% good quality hay and/or grass. They should have constant access to fresh hay.

Traditional muesli mixes are very high in sugar, low in fibre and encourage selective feeding (the rabbit will pick out their favourite bits and leave the rest). This means that your rabbit will miss out on some essential nutrients.

The best dried food for rabbits comes in pellet form, such as Burgess Excel. Each pellet is nutritionally balanced to ensure your rabbit gets all the nutrients it needs in each bite. It is important not to feed too many pellets or your rabbits will not eat their hay. As a guide, a small to medium rabbit only needs an egg-cup full of dried food per day. Always check the packaging to ensure you are feeding the correct amount.

A small amount of fresh vegetables, such as spring greens, broccoli, basil, parsley, mint, cabbage and cauliflower leaves can be fed daily. Fruit and sweet vegetables, such as carrots, parsnips and apples should be fed in moderation (no more than once a week) as they are very high in sugar.

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