Dogs – Neutering

Dogs – Neutering


In females the neutering procedure is known as ‘spaying’ and is important as it prevents uterine disease and reduces the risk of mammary cancer, as well as preventing unwanted litters. It is a common concern that bitches need to have a litter of puppies or a season before they can be spayed, but neither of these provide any health benefits at all and will only add to the problem of rescue centres being overrun with unwanted puppies. Neutering is also likely to calm their behaviour and make training easier.



Males can be neutered, also known as ‘castration’, from 5 – 6 months. This is equally important as spaying females, as it prevents testicular cancer, is likely to calm your dog’s behaviour and makes him easier to train. It will also stop him from pestering females and possibly being the cause of more unwanted litters!

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